Friday's Do This: Bluelucy Ybor's first show

Bluelucy Ybor opens with an exceptional assortment for the weekend-long show Misc.



Bluelucy's auspicious Tampa offshoot opens today at 6 p.m. with a mini art show (this weekend only) that the gallery officially announced Tuesday (after CL's print deadlines).

The little show packs a big punch with some of the best artists on both sides of the bay, hopefully bridging chasms between the Hillsborough and Pinellas arts enclaves with the same communal spirit as Kick Start My Art  during its big themed art show parties at the Bricks.  

Misc is a grab bag of greatness and features Pale HorseTes OneBaskPhiilip ClarkChad Mize,  Michelle Sawyer,  Daniel Mrgan,  Stephen Palladino,  Michael Mcgrath,  Saori,  Sebastian Coolidge, Nick Kekllas and David Cabassa (who painted the unforgettable ODB sendup of a Madonna-Baby Jesus painting at a Bricks benefit show). 

The gallery known for specializing in contemporary, multimedia art in St. Pete — which consistently has its finger on the pulse of pop culture — will take over a space on Eighth Avenue in Centro Ybor. The gallery will occupy a space attached to the Tribeca salon at Centro Ybor. The St. Petersburg location will remain open. 

"This space is a collaboration between Bluelucy and Savoir-Faire Labs [Elias Theroux]," says curator and co-owner Chad Mize. "I will be showing Bluelucy exhibits one month and then Elias will take over for two weeks, etc."

I will be showing Bluelucy exhibits one month and then Elias will take over for 2 weeks etc.

Congrats to owners/curators Phillip Clark and Mize! Let's hope the new space sets off a chain reaction of more local, boundary-pushing art in Tampa's historical district.

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