Netflix: The Good, The Bad and The Plain Ol' Weird



Do you ever have it where after scrolling through Netflix for hours at a time, you still can't find anything to watch? The same thing happens to me. For those of you who have been in my shoes are probably looking for some sort of guide that lists the movies currently streaming on Netflix.

Well, look no further! I have compiled a list of several films that you should definitely take some time to watch. I also included some movies that might be bad, but are still entertaining. I even listed some of the weird ones that some of you might actually be interested in watching.

All you have to do is click the image to look at the trailer or click the title of the movie listed below to go straight to the Netflix movie. Enjoy!

     The "Definitely Worth Watching" Movies

Ip Man
Want some martial arts and action in your life? Ip Man has a perfect dosage of both, with a vast number of intense fight scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Ip Man is a biographical film of sorts that brings Yip Man’s life to light in his quest to become a master of the martial art Wing Chun. In the two Ip Man movies (both available on Netflix), the life of Ip goes through many ups and downs as the Second Sino-Japanese War wages on. Ip is well-known for being the master of Bruce Lee.

Take This Waltz
Take This Waltz showcases the trials that a married woman goes through after falling for another man. Shortly after meeting Daniel who lives across the street from her, Margot proceeds to hang out with him and even goes on a date with him. Margot finds that she is no longer satisfied with her marriage as her and Daniel spend more time together. As her relationship with her husband dwindles, Margot has to make the choice of whether or not she should cheat or just leave her husband.


Let The Right One In
If you’re looking for an unconventional romantic, horror movie, Let The Right One In, is exactly what you’re looking for. The Swedish film follows the life of a 12-year-old boy, Oskar, who becomes friends with a girl who just moved into his apartment building and happens to be a vampire. As they spend more time together, the two characters grow closer to one another. To find out what the boy’s reaction is when he finds out his friend is a vampire, you’ll just have to watch the movie. There is also an American version of the movie called Let Me In, available on Netflix DVD.

     The "Bad, But Sort of Entertaining" Movies

By the end of this 1999 comedy film starring a Saturday Night Live icon, you’ll be laughing while thinking WTF for a lot of the scenes. Superstar is a film that follows the life of a dorky, awkward girl named Mary Katherine Gallagher who makes it her mission to get a kiss from the hunk Sky Corrigan. Mary thinks that if she becomes a superstar, she’ll be able to get a kiss from Sky. When she finds out that her school is hosting a talent show, she is quick to sign up for it. 

American Psycho
This film might be filled with a lot of blood and gore, but it’s definitely a classic. Patrick Bateman descends into madness as his obsessive personality gets the best of him. Throughout the movie, Patrick murders a numerous amount of people. Eventually, his homicidal tendencies catch up to him. If you like Christian Bale, you will enjoy this film; especially since you’ll get the chance to see Christian’s butt.


This teen comedy centers around three high school clique leaders who are fighting against each other to become the coolest of them all. A lot of hype has been going around in this school about having the latest, hip accessory: a Gay Best Friend. When two closeted friends, Tanner and Brent, learn about this, Brent wants to come out so that he can become instantly popular while Tanner wants to keep to himself so he can graduate and get out there.

     The "Plain, Ol' Weird" Movies

The Human Centipede
If you haven’t heard of The Human Centipede, you’re going to wish you’d never heard about it after watching the movie. To many, this film is known as one of the most gruesome, repulsive movies you’ll ever see. Let’s just say that a deranged retired surgeon, Dr. Heiter, performs a medical experiment on three people in which his goal is to create a human centipede. Dr. Heiter does so by removing the subject’s kneecaps, then sewing the individuals together by connecting their mouths to their anuses. If this movie isn’t too much for you to handle, you can also watch the second installment on Netflix.


Cheerleader Ninjas
Trying to find a good action movie to watch? If you’ve already watched all the top watched action movies on Netflix, then you can always just watch Cheerleader Ninjas. Four cheerleaders are blamed by a group of Church Ladies for bringing the “internet smut” into their children’s homes. The Church Ladies hire a gay teacher to teach the sexed up cheerleaders a lesson. To make matters worse, the cheerleaders find out that an evil mastermind is using them as guinea pigs to test his Internet Zombie Domination software! To find out what happens to the sexed up, clueless cheerleaders, just watch the movie on Netflix!

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead
Are you looking for a movie about zombie chickens who possess the people who eat them? Well, look no further because Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead is exactly what you’re looking for! After a military-themed fried-chicken chain builds a restaurant over an ancient Indian burial ground, many locals begin to protest. The previous owners of the lot possess the food and the people who eat it. The remaining survivors learn that they have to work together to prevent themselves from being eaten.

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