Sex bites: John Edwards promised rooftop wedding with Dave Matthews serenade



The New York Times reported Saturday that Andrew Young--the man who once said he fathered John Edward's mistress' child--now claims that Edwards is in fact the father of Rielle Hunter's child.


Young, the former Edwards aide who has a book deal with St. Martin's Press, said in his proposal that Edwards not only fathered Hunter's child, but worked with his campaign finance chair to keep the affair a secret.

According to Young, Edwards promised to marry Hunter after his wife, Elizabeth, died of cancer. Edwards said they would wed at a rooftop wedding in New York, and the Dave Matthews Band would make an appearance.

Young signed the deal with St. Martin's Press back in June. The further allegations against Edwards come amidst the Raleigh investigation into whether any crimes were committed in connection with campaign laws in an effort to conceal his extramarital affair.

Associates close to Edwards say that he is considering reversing his public claim that he did not father Hunter's 19 month-old daughter.

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