It happened this week-ish: Olympians gone wild, Pot and driving don't mix, Tiger's back in the news, Ethnicity fraud on the Jersey Shore and more....



  • scotty lago girl biting kissing bronze medal
    Olympic Snowboarder Scotty Lago  is living every Olympian's dream. Photos have surfaced of his bronze medal hanging around his waist and the "hardware hung over his groin" and a woman kissing and biting said medal on a street in Vancouver. Every man who has ever won a medal has wanted to get a lovely lady biting on it in a public place. This young man has made it happen, and even though the Olympic committee is all up in arms about it, the men of America and maybe the world are applauding little Scotty Lago and his creative use of the least cool medal around.

  • Speaking of our favorite Blasian feline... the man, the myth, the cheating legend, was back at it this week, taking over the headlines like every famous golfer should. His porn star mistress is claiming she has not once, but twice had little baby tiger kittens in her tummy but never actually had either one. Tiger also took to the airwaves this week to apologize to, us, I guess, ask the media to stop following around his wife and kids and say he doesn't know when he will be back on the links. I am anti this apology and pro this paparazzi-ban. I am neutral on his golf career.

After the jump... ethnicity-fraud on the Jersey Shore, someone is getting called out for being "stubby" and people I thought were already married just got engaged.

  • Picture of the week: Chace, Ryan and Kellan all suited up and looking dapper at Fashion Week. Is this the spring collection? Is there a pre-order system? How about financing? Mmmmk, great, I will take one of each. Thanks.

chace crawford ryan phillippe kellan lutz

  • The Jay Leno drama isn't over just yet. It looks like his longtime serenader, Kevin Eubanks, may be leaving him for greener pastures. If by pastures being greeener, I mean anywhere that isn't being associated with Coco-terrorizing Leno.

  • So everyone in "the news" seems real stoked that Nicole Richie and that one guy from Good Charlotte are engaged. But I could have sworn these two kids got hitched years ago. Right? No? Seriously, I swear they were already married. I need some sort of Hollywood Relationship Status guide, with like ya know, charts and graphs and stick figures and stuff

  • I have bad news you guys... SHOCKER: Jersey Shore's JWoww and Snooki Are Not Italian. Yeah, uh-huh. WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO, AMERICA!  Lied to... I am just beside myself with this information. What are you going to tell me next? The Hills is scripted? My world is falling apart around me.

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