Weather forecaster and climatologist duke it out over climate change on the Colbert Report (video)




Due to a recent New York Times article on the debate over climate change between weather forecasters and climate scientists, Stephen Colbert decided to take the issue on during his show. Colbert invited Joe Bastardi, chief Accuweather forecaster and climate change skeptic, and Brenda Ekwurzel, a climatologist at the Union of Concerned Scientists, to the show to duke it out in a "Science Catfight" over global warming and climate science.

Colbert likened the meteorologist-climate scientist feud to "other classic science rivalries" between astronomers versus astrologers: "How can astronomers tell me where Jupiter will be in its orbit 10 years from now, if the Post's astrologer can't tell me when Venus will influence my inter-office relationships?"

My favorite part is when climate scientist Brenda went on to shut down the mouthy Bastardi by stating: "We all agree that the American Meteorological Society just issued a statement that humans are primarily the cause of global warming, so meteorologists agree." Take that, TV weather man!

"What's the difference between climate and weather?" Colbert asks. "Is not climate just made up of thousands of little weathers?"

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Science Catfight - Joe Bastardi vs. Brenda Ekwurzel

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