Kim Kardashian, Joy Bryant, and Amanda de Cadenet photographed nude without the aid of photoshop



Beautiful celebrities mess with our minds.

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They turn us on, provide models and motivation for what we want to look like, and unfortunately, they often cause many of us to develop negative body images of ourselves. This used to be almost exclusively a female problem, but as the fashion industry continues to target males as a way of expanding their market, more and more men are also suffering from psychological problems like body dysmorphic disorder. While we as consumers can't help but peruse the perfect physical specimens in magazines, we also delight in tabloids that feature unflattering pictures of celebrities without make-up, with harsh light illuminating their cellulite, and with body issues amplified by photoshop. These negative examples make us feel better about our own imperfections. Ironically it's often the people in the fashion industry, particularly models who suffer the most from negative body image problems.  It's difficult to go to auditions where designers and photographers evaluate every flaw in your body and still maintain a positive outlook on your body.

Famed photographer, Amanda de Cadenet, addressed this issue by conducting a nude photo shoot of Kim Kardashian, Joy Bryantand, and herself, for Harpers Bazaar, in which the images were

not retouched with digital magic.

Amanda de Cadenet challenged herself to do this assignment because she too has problems with her body imageā€”and who wouldn't after spending your life photographing the most beautiful people on the planet. The 37-year-old Cadenet told Harpers that her naturally curvy figure was only enhanced after having twins, as was her problems with her body. I have to say that after seeing Cadenet nude, and doing a little Bing image research, Cadenet is like the supermodel of photographers.

Kim Kardashian confessed to Harpers that she also grew up thinking that she was too curvy. It's interesting that young girls learn to  idealize the skinny models in fashion magazines while boys gravitate to the shapely women in Playboy, which features curvy beauties like Kim. While I'm sure constantly being voted one of the sexiest women in the world does wonders for your body image, imagine how hard it must be for such women to then cope with the physical issues that come with time.

Do you think it's more difficult for women who were once worshiped for their beauty to deal with the saggy and inflated bodies that age brings?

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Photograph by Amanda de Cadenet

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