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Japanese nuclear plant hit by fire and third explosion, as radiation around Fukushima Daiichi plant has reached levels damaging to health.

World financial markets take a dive as Japanese officials and workers struggle to get control of the damaged reactors.

Rachel Maddow gives an explanation in plain layman's terms of the nuclear situation in Japan.

Radiation fears now threatening the relief effort.

Japanese officials to those in the danger zone: stay indoors. Considering design solutions for Japan's earthquake recovery.

A postcard to the Pacific Northwest: You're overdue for a Japan-sized earthquake. The last "Big One" occurred around 1700 & they average every 240 years.

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Funny or Die: The Most Awkward Spiderman Freeze Frames.

To The Best Of Our Knowledge: Mind and Body, examining Carl Jung's Red Book, as well as Timothy Leary and the Harvard Psychedelics Club.

Planet Money Podcast: China's growth problem.

New York Times film critics Manohla Dargis and A. O. Scott discuss a crisis in Hollywood.

Studio 360: Steven Soderbergh says goodbye to Hollywood.

Reuters: U.S. millionaires don't feel rich, need around $7.5M to consider themselves wealthy.

Atlantis: Legendary lost city discovered?

Washington Post: Obama wants to rewrite No Child Left Behind before next school year.

NPR: Revisiting the Reagan shooting.

Mark Lynch: Taking stock of the Arab revolutions.

Slant Magazine's Sal Cinquemani examines the appeal of Britney Spears. "More than a decade into her career, it's still unclear what Spears brings to the table."

Hipster Disney villains are way more underground than hipster Disney princesses.

Ted Talk: Deb Roy - The birth of a word:

In case you missed it Zach Galifianakis owned on Saturday Night Live:

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