Must-click links for April 15, 2011



The 2011 Cannes Film festival lineup has been announced, and it's fantastic!!

I swear this is not an Onion story: Worried M. Night Shyamalan fans raise money for the director to return to film school.

This whole J. Crew catalog gender identity thing is one of the strangest controversies I can remember.

New York Times Paul Krugman: "Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, sounds upset. And you can see why: President Obama, to the great relief of progressives, has called his bluff."  But in his NYT column, David Brooks thinks that Ryan and Obama should settle their differences over lunch.

Planet Money: When the U.S. paid off the entire national debt (and why it didn't last).

Walter Breuning, the world's oldest man, dies in Montana at age 114.

Jerry Lawson, inventor of modern game console, dies at 70.

Peter Thiel says we’re in a bubble and it’s not the Internet;  it’s higher education.

Five myths about Planned Parenthood.

Lady Gaga's new single, "Judas," is an annoying eurotrash mess.

Wonder where do your tax dollars go?

NPR:  Turkish Democracy: A model for other countries?

Incredibly moving piece by Andrew Sullivan about becoming a U.S. resident.

You see Will Ferrell on The Office last night?

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