Porta-potty peeper felt 'anointed by the makers of life'


Last Friday, Luke C., 30, was arrested for allegedly hiding in the tank of a porta-potty at a yoga festival in Boulder, Colorado. This week a jailhouse interview by Boulder's, Daily Camera, revealed just how peculiar this cesspool-diving voyeur is. Unconcerned with indicting himself, Luke had no shame opening up to a reporter about his history of voyeurism as he sat in jail on suspicion of unlawful sexual contact and criminal invasion of privacy.

Luke allegedly began peeping while traveling around Europe. He had trouble making friends—a problem he blames on the language barrier. In France he followed some people to a recreation center. Luke allegedly wandered into the women's locker room where he found a loose vent and decided to hide inside it.

"These chicks started showing up that I never had a chance with," Chrisco said. "But I figured at least I can see them change or something. I've come to know how interesting they are."

Luke now lives in Boulder where he freely admits to drilling holes in bathrooms to feed his daily peeping habit. He lives in a hostel where he has attempted to start several unsuccessful escort and porn sites. Luke insists that these sites were never for profit, but to help promote his unique brand of spirituality.

"I wanted to start a new goddess religion," he said. "I always wanted to be a pimp or create a church of porn or a church of tantric, someplace people could be spiritual but also instinctual," he said.

The yoga festival was Luke's first venture into porta-potty diving. His initial experience must have been positive as he allegedly returned a second time, when he was eventually caught. Luke admits that he usually likes barriers between his objects of affection and him, but he did enjoy the new adventure, describing the experience in terms of a religious baptism:

"I thought, 'This is really amazing; I've been blessed and anointed by the makers of life,'" Chrisco said.

Read the full interview at Boulder's Daily Camera.

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