I want my LGBTV: 'A Very Gaga Thanksgiving' (with video)



Brace yourself for "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving." The outlandish musician and gay rights ally will be serving up a meal inspired by her heritage Thursday night, after everyone has feasted on their holiday meals. The ABC special gives a behind-the-scenes look at Gaga's life, with an intimate performance in front of friends and family and interview with Katie Couric. Check out the promo below.

And in other Gaga-related weirdness, check out a Chinese senior citizen choir's take on "Bad Romance," performed on live television a few months ago.

The second season of the Sundance Channel's "Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys" kicks off tonight, airing at 9 p.m. All the drama of the gay reality show is back, but with a whole new cast and location. This time around, the show has moved from super liberal New York City to Nashville, Tennessee.

Finn outing Santana took center stage on "Glee" last week. During a war of words between the two, in which Finn was not surprisingly failing miserably, he hit Santana where it hurts: her being in the closet. Unfortunately, this bit of information made it all the way to one of Sue Sylvester's opponents in her run for Congress, who named Santana in an ad attacking Sue for promoting a lesbian cheerleader.

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