Study: circumcision linked to lower risk of prostate cancer



A study published in the medical journal Cancer found that men who are circumcised before their first sexual encounter were 15% less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who were not circumcised. Circumcised men were also 18% less likely to develop more aggressive forms of the disease.

Just as HPV has been linked with cervical cancer and head/throat cancer, STIs are commonly associated with prostate cancer. STIs inflame the prostate, which makes the organ more susceptible to abnormally growing cells. Researchers theorize that by removing the foreskin—which is particularly vulnerable to infection—men are less likely to contract the diseases associated with prostate cancer.

However, the authors of the study were quick to point out that this research does not prove a cause and effect relationship. It just demonstrates a link between circumcision and reduced rates of prostate cancer.


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