Village Voice employees walk out, demand better wages, benefits, non-crappy coffee


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UPDATE: Management responds.

dispatch recently posted by NYC media blog Gawker reports that employees at long-running alternative weekly newspaper the Village Voice have staged a walkout over low wages, benefit cuts and terrible coffee.

Seriously — their demands apparently include the phrase "our coffee is shit."
Represented by the UAW Local 2110 Village Voice Bargaining unit, staffers are demanding, in addition to coffee that isn't "shit," "better pay, better working conditions, particularly for our overburdened sales staff, and to keep our healthcare coverage."

The group claims that a counterproposal from the paper's management — the Voice is owned by holding company Voice Media Group, which also owns a large handful of other alt-weeklies — includes a $10-per-week raise and a minimum healthcare price hike of $200 per month, as well as slashed severance packages and family-leave time. Staffers also allege that higher-ups at the company illegally removed pro-union flyers and literature from the office's conference room, and subsequently denied them access to it. 


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