The Well-Played List, 6-20-2014: Glenn Tilbrook, Phish, The Front Bottoms & more

Find out what the CL Team and local tastemakers are jamming this week; audio & video included...



It’s the end of the week, which means it's time to get your groove on. The ongoing listening series otherwise known as The Well-Played List features the most listened-to, jammed-out songs, albums and artists of the week as submitted by the CL Music Team along with a rotating crew of tastemakers — local music promoters, record store and venue owners, music fans and scenesters, DJs, musicians, and a radio personality or two; check the past several here. Audio and video included, along with any applicable show information. And on that note, what are you jamming this week? Tell us in the comments…



Phish, Fuego (due out 6/24 via JEMP) Phish's 10th studio album has been hailed as their best since Billy Breathes, which is considered by many (myself included) to be the Vermont jam rock behemoth's best. I'm too fresh into listens to really weigh in, although the title and lead-off track is 9:15 minutes of pure and juicy multi-part multi-layered Phishness, the closest I've heard to a producer (in this case Juno award-winning Bob Ezrin) capturing their live sound to disc. 

Lana Del Rey, "West Coast" (2014) I definitely had ideas about Lana Del Rey's music before hearing this track, which is so fucking sexy and slinky it's ridiculous. Her vocals have a definite Tori Amos dulcet-sweet timbre but with added huskiness, and they slide and creep over swaying trip hop grooves broken up by dreamy Spaghetti Western-flavored breakdowns of reverberated guitars and swishing castanets. Dan Auerbach produced her latest album, Ultraviolence, and while there are a few other noteworthy tracks on the LP, this one is most definitely the stand-out. Check it out after the jump along with the rest of this week's entries...


Glenn Tilbrook, Happy Ending (2014) Quirky new pop-tastic release from one of my very favorite songwriters and singers, Glenn Tilbrook. Since his days as lead singer and co-songwriter for British pop band Squeeze, Tilbrook has steadily mastered his knack for writing irresistible pop hooks and memorable melodies. For his newest solo album, Glenn toys with some unusual time signatures and whimsical tunes and, while not adhering to his normal straightforward delivery, he delivers another fine collection of memorable songs. Standouts include a tribute to late Beach Boy Dennis Wilson (aptly titled “Dennis”) and “Persephone” which sounds like it was borrowed from Marc Bolan’s early, acoustic trippy Tyrannosaurus Rex catalog. His vocals are still sweet and melodic and his ability to create fun, bouncy pop classics is still as sharp as ever.

Adam Arcuragi, Adam Acuragi (2006) and I Am Become Joy (2009) It's not the first time I've mentioned that one of my favorite ways of finding new music (and spending an afternoon) is by going down the rabbit-hole of related-artists on any music-streaming site. Sure, I come across a lot that I listen to for 30 seconds and promptly forget, but those relatively rare occasions when I find a gem make it all worth it. My most recent find is Adam Arcuragi, and I've been listening to his albums Adam Arcuragi and I Am Become Joy non-stop. Reviews have described Arcuragi as sonic cousins to Nick Drake and Mark Kozelek, but my references are different: while listening, I've heard washes of Jason Molina (R.I.P.), Father John Misty and Will Sheff. Using various instruments, percussive and otherwise, and a rag-tag group of backing singers, the albums — I Am Become Joy especially — recall brush-arbor revivals and road-trips winding through the South. They've got a little dirt, dolor and death all tempered with a ruthless dedication to celebrating the wonder of life — what more could I ask for in a pairing of albums?


NICOLE aka ELAWGRRL | Photographer, Only Music Has the Answer

The Front Bottoms, Rose EP (2014, Bar/None Records) I've been listening to The Front Bottoms' new EP, Rose, all week. These six songs felt instantly familiar as the splendidly catchy material we've come to love and expect from this band. Lyrics such as "sometimes things just don't work out... the way you want them to" (from "Jim Bogart") and "you're a flashlight in a dark room or the loneliest black out" (from "Be Nice To Me") are of decidedly ear warm quality. And, those of you who got into Front Bottoms in the early days will be pleased that "12 Feet Deep" from their 2008 self-released album makes an appearance on this EP. It also proves that while Front Bottoms might be getting access to better production, it just makes their songs shine more brightly... the raw talent was always there and just continues to blossom.

PHIL BENITO | Gasparilla Music Festival President & Talent Buyer | Brokenmold Entertainment

Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos, The Prosthetic Cubans (1998) One of my longtime favorite albums found it's way back in rotation. 

First Aid Kit, Stay Gold
(2014) Love their new release.

Jonathan Scales Fourchestra - A steel drum jazz trio. I've been crackin' out on JSF's videos for the last few weeks. Finally saw a live set at Ale & the Witch last Saturday and was even more intrigued. Can't wait to catch 'em again this Sunday (June 22) at Ella's (4 p.m., free)

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