Weezer announce Everything Will Be Alright in the End LP, out Sept. 30

Weezer enlist Rick Ocasek, get a little metal, on their forthcoming studio album




When they're not catching frisbees without missing a beat, Weezer has apparently been readying ninth studio album Everything Will Be Alright in the End.

News of the LP was delivered via a 42-second YouTube video, and among the confirmed tracks are "Return to Ithaca," "Back to the Shack" and "Eulogy for a Rock Band." The video, entitled "ewbaite 12 'Return to Ithaca'" features some Coheed and Cambria-esque power metal riffage accompanying the frenetic 1950s imagery and scrawled-out release date of Sept. 30, 2014. [More info and video after the jump...]

At this point, Weezer just seems like that one cousin who everyone in the family loves but, of course, worries about. One year they're all cute and cuddly, the next, they're nonsensically naming albums after TV characters, after that, it's all big riffs and cock rock. Whatever makes em happy, I guess? Just don't start sacrificing animals or burning houses down, guys, and we'll be good.

After bouncing around a number of labels — 2010's Hurley was issued via Epitaph — Weezer will release the album through Republic Records. Everything Will Be Alright in the End is produced by Cars frontman Rick Ocasek, who also took the helm on both the Blue and Green albums.

Check out the video below the jump...

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