"Drunk History" to feature American music stories on July 15

Kriss Kristofferson, The Sugarhil Gang and more get the "Drunk History" treatment this upcoming Tuesday.




YouTube series-turned-Comedy Central show Drunk History is lending its sloppy hand to the telling of notable stories in American music history this upcoming Tuesday, July 15 at 10 p.m., according to a press release.

Tuesday's stories will include how Alan Freed becomes one of the first DJs to broadcast rock 'n' roll, how Sylvia Robinson (Retta) creates pioneering rap trio The Sugarhill Gang, and how Kris Kristofferson (Jon Daly) makes it big with help from his mentor, Johnny Cash (Johnny Knoxville).

For the unfamiliar, Drunk History's premise is pretty simple: take a comedian, get them just to brink of blackout drunkenness, and have them tell a famous historical story as best as they can. Whatever they say, and however they say it, is then used as the script for the character reenactment of their respective story.

Watch a clip below, which features featuring Eric Edelstein slurring through the tale of Kris Kristofferson's rise from Nashville studio janitor to country music star with the help of Johnny Cash and a fateful helicopter ride.

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