Mitch Perry Report 9.4.14- New Times poll says medical marijuana initiative wouldn't pass today



The question this morning is whether the Tampa Bay Times' new poll on the medical marijuana initiative is an outlier, or a true reflection of where the Florida electorate is on this high-profile proposed constitutional amendment.

Although support for the proposal was never going to be as high as the intergalactic levels reflected in two separate Quinnipiac polls (which show 88 percent of Floridians supporting the measure) done earlier this year, the new poll, done in conjunction with Bay News 9 and the UF Bob Graham Center, shows only 56.7 percent of likely voters supporting the measure, with 24.4 percent opposing, and 17 percent apparently having no clue on what to think about the issue, which is sort of disturbing in itself. 

Just to remind you folks, the measure needs 60 percent approval to win. Thus, according to this poll, if the measure were voted on this week, it would fail.

Interestingly, another poll which previously has found Amendment Two losing, now shows it getting sufficient support to win this November.

Gravis Marketing has released polls this summer showed the measure hovering at or just below the 60 percent level needed to pass. But a new survey released this week finds 64 percent of Floridians saying they would "vote for the current amendment use of marijuana for certain medical conditions." Just 26 percent were opposed and 10 percent said they were unsure.

So what does this all mean? For supporters, it means less video footage of a sh*tfaced John Morgan rallying the troops, and more grass-roots campaigning educating people about the measure. It might help to publicize what the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) says about the initiative. They're not so enamored with the idea that all of organized law enforcement in Florida is against the proposed constitutional amendment.

In other news...

One of the more competitive local races on the ballot this fall in Tampa Bay is the Pinellas County Commission District 2 race between Democrat Pat Gerard and Republican Ed Hooper. The two distinguished lawmakers are quickly devolving from talking about the issues, however, and instead accusing each other of breaking laws, ethical and otherwise.

Chicago Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez is one of the most passionate advocates for comprehensive immigration reform on Capitol Hill, but his patience is beginning to wane regarding President Obama's executive fixes to the immigration system.

And Rick Scott and the Republican Party of Florida continue to put up more ads on broadcast and cable television. The Governor has reportedly spent more than $26 million already convincing Floridians that he's the man in his contest against Charlie Crist this fall. Scott also has a healthy lead in the race according to a Tampa Bay Times poll released yesterday, though considering the Times' last poll before the 2012 presidential election, one must take those results with some perspective.

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