Best of the Day: 5 Best Reasons to Watch the Golden Globes



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5. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.
Even their promo spots for the awards have been funny. Even when Amy refuses to answer interview questions ("You think I'm going to tell you a bad idea for a joke? You're f—-ing crazy. No!"), she's funny. Even an awards show, when these two host it, can be funny. (So why did 30 Rock fizz out and why can't Parks and Rec do better in the ratings? What's wrong with you people?)

4. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association.
This is the 71st time the HFPA has hosted the GGs, so you'd think they'd get some respect already, despite that old Pia Zadora thing (and oh, The Tourist). But even Rolling Stone's obsequious Peter Travers says the HFPA is "basically a joke," and while Ricky Gervais got in trouble for saying as much to the foreign journalists' faces when he hosted the awards, everyone knows it's true — which somehow makes the show that much more fun. These awards don't really matter, so let's just get some…

3. Alcohol!
A drunk celebrity is so much more fun than a sober one.

2. Movies and TV.
You not only get to gawk at movie stars, you get to root for the TV folks, too. And with the likes of Matt Damon and Julia Louis-Dreyfus bouncing back and forth between both mediums these days anyway, the Golden Globes are actually a more authentic representation of the entertainment industry than the Emmys or the Oscars. Ha! I called the Golden Globes authentic! Oxymoron alert!

1. Snarking with Creative Loafing.
We'll be tweeting away during the show on Sunday night — join in @cl_movies. Red carpet starts at 6 on E!, at 7 on NBC, and the show itself begins on NBC at 8. May the pratfalls begin!

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