Bluelucy immortalizes a starry-eyed Twiggy

The mural's vibe and colors were inspired by a piece Chad Mize had created in 2013.



Bluelucy curator and co-gallery owner Chad Mize has completed a mural depicting a starry-eyed Twiggy, created with the assistance of with a grant from Hampton Arts Management, which covered material costs for a mural to enhance the arty aesthetic of the 600 Block, where the gallery is located. 

The mural's vibe and colors were inspired by a piece Mize had done in 2013 of the model.  "I have been doing paintings of Twiggy since 2003," Mize said by e-mail Monday.

"Love her look: Androgynous. The eyes, '60s vibe ... the color palette is a feminine and soft color palette."

Mize said he wanted to create a piece that was different from the bold murals (by Bask, Sebastian Coolidge, Tes One and Pale Horse, and Dan Lasata) already in the area. 

"Hope the viewers enjoy the soft and bold qualities of the piece," Mize said. "Soft background. Bold face."

You can find the Twiggy behind the Bluelucy gallery and The Trunk, and Bluelucy's next art show, Infectious: The Art of Glitter, opens Fri., Feb. 14, with a reception 7-11 p.m. After party will be at the Bends.

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