Best of the Day: Shipwrecked! at New Stage Theatre in Largo




A chilly grey day might not seem like the right time to see a play called Shipwrecked! — but in fact it's the perfect occasion. New Stage Theatre's production of Donald Margulies' play is such a rollicking testament to the power of a good yarn that it may make you feel like you're sitting around the campfire listening to an expert storyteller. Make that a troupe of expert storytellers: Chris Jackson stars as the dashing Louis de Rougemont, whose seagoing misadventures come to life with the help of three versatile actors (Alex Perez, Gi Young Sun, Colleen Cherry) who play everything from Louis' faithful mutt to a family of Aborigines, and also make the ingenious sound effects and set changes. The production, directed by James Rayfield, has a playful spirit that should warm your own spirits right up. Tonight at 8, tomorrow (Sunday) at 3. Run continues Thu.-Sun. through Mar. 2. New Stage Theatre, 11650 131st St. N. (Country Day World School), Largo. 813-817-2585,

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