A mother and child reunion: Jane Seymour and son visit Syd Entel Galleries

Works by the celeb artists will be displayed in a joint exhibition.


MOM AND SON: Jane Seymour with son Sean Flynn. - COURTESY OF SYD ENTEL GALLERIES
  • MOM AND SON: Jane Seymour with son Sean Flynn.
“Life” — that's Jane Seymour’s response when asked where she derives inspiration. The actor, writer, artist and philanthropist says she sees art in everything and captures mental snapshots for future reference.

The winner of multiple Emmys and a Golden Globe has been a Bond girl (in Live and Let Die), starred in the title role of the '80s TV series  Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, made a memorable appearance in Wedding Crashers and enjoyed a whirl in the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars.

Lately, visual art has been a major focus. Seymour paints and is a passionate collector who has her own gallery in Los Angeles. The celeb showed works at Syd Entel Galleries in January 2013 and returns this month to the Safety Harbor venue to show her works a second time — this time sharing the spotlight with her 28-year-old photographer son, Sean M. Flynn.

Works by Seymour and Flynn are currently on display, and the artists will appear in person Sat., Feb. 22, 6-8 p.m. and Sun., Feb 23., 2-4 p.m. The gallery can be found at 247 Main St., Safety Harbor. The Syd Entel exhibit is one of the rare occasions that Flynn will be making an appearance at his own show.

“He’s spectacularly talented,” Seymour says of son Flynn. “He has a very special eye.”


Seymour goes on to describe Flynn's photography as “quirky” and “beautiful." It is not limited to one subject, but a variety — his subjects often range from historic landmarks to risqué photos of women. "Sometimes he even waits for unique cloud formations to appear," Seymour adds.

His images will have their own separate area in the Syd Entel exhibit with original and limited edition prints available for sale. (See more of Flynn's work at seanmflynnphotography.wordpress.com.)

Seymour's works, in contrast, have a more traditional bent, with water color, impressionism and florals; she also does work with oil, pastel and bronze sculpting.

"What surprises people most at my shows is all the diversity," Seymour says.

She adds that the exhibit, which she estimates to showcase at least 80 pieces of her artwork, focuses on "exploring the beauty of nature and human nature." Though the exhibit follows no strict theme, one collection will be clearly represented — an assortment that features Seymour’s well-known “Open Hearts” concept. 


The symbol appears in Seymour's jewelry designs at Kay Jewelers and Jared — an idea that came about in a way that many other life-changing flashes of inspiration come to Seymour, through painting. The open heart reflects many aspects of life — joys, heartbreaks and inspirations. It's a message passed on from her mother: Only when you love yourself and keep your heart open, can you best give and receive love. Having an open heart allows your love to flow freely and unconditionally.

"Getting an emotional response from art and feeling inspired is a form of art itself," Seymour says. “I’ve always said that the person who collects the art, is as much of an artist as the person who makes it,” Seymour adds.

To learn more about the exhibition and the artwork available for viewing, visit sydentelgalleries.com

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