Alex Deunsing's Wonderburg thinks politics is a (pirate-themed live-action role-playing) game

Get a new perspective on your representatives as they seek plunder and conquest on the high seas.


Alex Deunsing is a colorful and persistent guy who seems to wake up every morning trying to come up with new ways to inject St. Pete politics with his personal combination performance art and Yippie pranksterism.

As a City Council candidate, he campaigned by turning people's trash into yard signs. Now, his Wonderburg project is taking the mission widescreen with a candidate forum that replaces the usual staid question-and-answer format with a live-action adventure game.

On Sunday, March 1, at 7 p.m. on the SPC Clearwater campus, District 13 state representative candidate Lucas Overby and Clearwater candidates David Allbriton, Jon-Paul Rosa, and Konrad McCree Jr. will face pirate-themed challenges, apparently including a mermaid, designed to show the public more about who they are and how they think than a conventional candidate forum is able to.

Is it politics? Is it art? Alex doesn't necessarily want you to think they're different.

Music will come from Hussar and Corey McHugh. Stay tuned for updates at the event's Facebook Page.

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