Their 15 minutes: CL's InstaFame Photo Awards presented at FMOPA

Posted by Chip Weiner on Fri, Mar 21, 2014 at 9:03 AM

Winning photographers and their subjects at the Insta Fame reception Thursday night
Creative Loafing and the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts (FMOPA) hosted a reception for the winners of the 2014 InstaFame Photo Contest on Thursday night at the museum. The contest, open to everyone, had an Andy Warhol theme inspired by the current exhibit at the Dali museum in St Petersburg. Entrants were asked to take Instagram photos of subjects that they felt were deserving of 15 minutes (or more) of fame, or to take a photo that reflected on the subject of fame, and to accompany their photos with short written explanations. (See and read the entries at CL's Instagram page.)
Judges for the contest were Dalì Museum Executive Director Hank Hine, FMOPA Director Jane Simon, CL Visual Art Critic Megan Voeller, and CL Creative Director Todd Bates. The judges' top 10 picks were honored, with their top $500 prize going to Samantha Stebbins for her portrait of Deputy Craig Roberts. The winner of the $250 Readers' Choice award, Marija Preradovic, was also cited. All 78 entries are currently on display in an installation by Todd Bates at FMOPA.
Find out what the judges were thinking here.
People attending the reception had a chance to win an Andy Warhol print as well as other prizes

People attending the reception had a chance to win an Andy Warhol print as well as other prizes.

Marija Preradovic won the Readers Choice award

For her shot of a friend's ribbon-cutting celebration, Marija Preradovic was presented with the Readers' Choice award by CL Editor in Chief David Warner.

Ben Rutkin- left- was the subject for  Dr William Carson- right- judges choice for winning photograph inset
Ben Rutkin and his associates at Tampa Tire were among the subjects photographed by Dr. William Carson, who landed two photos in the top 10.

Photographer Aaron Alper with his subject Liz Macdonald
Photographer Aaron Alper placed in the top 10 (and on the cover of CL) with his subject, Liz Macdonald (seen with and without mask).

Skyler Pursifull's self-portrait
Skyler Pursifull's self-portrait was another Top 10 winner.

Alyssa Gardner photogrpapher with Morgan Landreth
Alyssa Gardner also landed a photo on CL's cover with her top 10-winning picture of boyfriend Morgan Landreth.

Amy Chirinos photographed JimAmy Chirinos' photograph of Jim, gentleman bowler, was another of the judges' top 10.
Photographer  Juliana Villamil with Emily Turnage
Photographer Juliana Villamil (center) paid tribute to Emily Turnage in her top 10 photo.

James Luedde chasing the carrot
James Luedde made the top 10 with his self-portrait chasing the carrot of fame.

Sarah Saavedra photographed Jada
Sarah Saavedra made the top 10 with this photograph of Jada the sad-eyed Great Dane puppy.

Samantha Stebbins photographed Deputy Craig Roberts
Samantha Stebbins won the judges' top prize for her photo of Deputy Craig Roberts.

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