Does Marvel Studios have movies mapped out through 2028?

Yup, pretty much everyone is going to die in line waiting to see whatever the next one is.

Posted by Scott Harrell on Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 1:59 PM

These two. Yeah. - MARVEL STUDIOS
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  • These two. Yeah.

If you'd rather not read the long Bloomberg Businessweek piece about Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, The AV Club has helpfully extracted the most important/intriguing/fanboy-relevant informational tidbit the profile his to offer: 

Marvel's got plans. Big plans. Like, they have a roadmap of film properties that stretches nearly to 2030.

Seriously? At the rate the company churns out blockbusters, that means eventually even [INSERT OBSCURE MARVEL CHARACTER] will finally [INSERT SAID CHARACTER'S NEMESIS/WHITE WHALE] on the big screen.

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