Dancers kicked off IIFA festivities in style

The Odissi Dance Academy helps kick off IIFA with a Bollywood shimmy.

Posted by Aaron Alper on Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 3:34 PM

ENCHANTING: Academy of Odissi Dance performers. - NICK CARDELLO
  • Nick Cardello
  • ENCHANTING: Academy of Odissi Dance performers.

Last night the International Indian Film Academy Awards weekend (IIFA) kicked off with the IIFA Stomp event, which took over Curtis Hixon Park. While there wasn’t any official stomping done on stage (I think), there was plenty of awesome glittery glammy Indian culture.

Stomp was a bona fide festival. The event had movie stars, famous DJs, and food by the truckload (I was wearing a Robert Graham shirt so I could not partake lest I spill and require dry cleaning), Hula-Hooping children and people of all ages, creeds and colors. The stage featured a variety of DJs and dancers.
WINNERS! Odissi check out their tickets to IIFA Awards Saturday night. - AARON ALPER
  • Aaron Alper
  • WINNERS! Odissi check out their tickets to IIFA Awards Saturday night.

Of all the dancers, my favorites were the Odissi Dance Academy, who took the stage in traditional Indian clothing and performed a rocking dance routine that landed them tickets to the big gala IIFA awards event happening on Saturday night. These girls were fabulous and their outfits were insane gorgeoyus. I managed to get a few analog/Instagram photographs of them backstage (analog is still a thing) and watch them interact with one another (there was a celebratory booty dance to Panjabi MC's "Mundian to Bach Ke" that I wish I could have videotaped).

Side note: There were a lot of really good-looking people there. Droves of good-looking people. I felt a little dense being surprised at this fact; after all, it is a celebration of film and actors (or those that want to be) and they are usually good-looking. Also, as a bonus, Stomp seemed to be a little, dare I say, homosexually homocentric; my gaydar isn’t used to firing while the sun is still out at public events, and it kind of rocked. 

One things for sure; the IIFA is big and it's bringing Tampa Bay to a global audience; and if the rest of the events are anything like the festivities of Stomp, the world is in for a treat.

More photos from the evening's festivies to come ...

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