The spectacle of a literary death match — Lucha Libro at Cafe Hey

A new breed of loquacious roughhousing makes its way from Peru to Cafe Hey.



After a kickoff event in April, it looks like this typewriter-battling escapade is set to become a series. Eight Tampa Bay writers (including, full disclosure, yours truly) will suit up in pro-wrestling style costumes and personas like Betty Pages, Cenotes Chubacabra, and Commander Salamander. Then they’ll square off in front of typewriters for one-on-one timed matches to see who produces the best product based on a random prompt.

The idea originated in Lima, Peru, with young writers who couldn't get their work out by more conventional means. For the same reasons, it's a perfectly-aimed elbow drop for Tampa Bay’s often weak-kneed literary scene.

Local Lucha Libro organizers Cole Bellamy and Keep St. Pete Lit promise there will be no holds barred in this ink-spilling free-for-all (read: thesauruses allowed!) and the action just might explode from the page if these masked ruffians can’t keep their violent urges in check. Expect a packed house and a few flying folding chairs.

It all goes down at 7 p.m. on Sat., May 24, at Café Hey, 1540 N. Franklin St., Tampa.

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