The week in sex news

A review of the most interesting, strange, and provocative sex stories of the week

Posted by Sex and Love editor on Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 12:03 PM



-These censored porn shots prove to be just as sexy as the real thing:

-These gorgeous double exposures will change the way you look at nude photos (NSFW):

-Artist transforms naked human figures into stunning images of the natural world:

-Naked man strikes goddess pose in front of Botticelli painting:

-The story of a breakup told through nude portraits:

-24 images of beautiful women practicing nude yoga (NSFW):


-Transgendered woman spends $99k to look like a blow up sex doll:

-Woman dies after injecting her breasts with Vaseline to give herself DIY implants:

-Yoga studio offers all-nude co-ed classes to overcome body issues and vulnerability:


-Kris Jenner: "I'm being extorted over phony sex tape!"

-Man behind ‘extortion plot’ over purported Kris Jenner sex tape plans to sell ‘million dollar’ vid to Vivid

-Rosario Dawson once built a giant vagina tunnel for Burning Man:

-Mila Kunis is pregnant with Ashton Kutcher's baby:



-Porn star goes to jail for nude photos taken at Catholic school she attended:

-Don't believe this viral video about porn addiction:

-Porn Studies becomes the first scholarly journal on pornography:


-A new study shows some women fake orgasms for their OWN pleasure.

-From bugs to slugs, in the invertebrate world, sex often means getting brutally stabbed:


-German expo anticipates electronic red-light districts and stripper bots:

-This new vibrator is going to make you smarter, apparently:


-Rare woman-to-woman HIV transmission in US:

-Map showing which states require parental involvement in abortions for minors:


-Naked Florida man discovered in women's stall of Walgreens bathroom by a 6-year-old:



-See the man who was born with three testicles:

-Inside the mind of Elizabeth Raine, the latest woman to auction her virginity on the Internet:

-Couple of 45 years died minutes apart unaware of each other's passing

-23-year-old woman poses as 15-year-old to have sex with a 13-year-old boy. Gives him an STD:

-A school in russia teaches women how to perform better oral sex:

-Hawaiian lawmakers vow to end prostitution exemption for undercover cops:

-Someone hacked Pinterest, flooding it with sexy lady butts:

-The 15 most fascinating sex rituals around the world:

-8 people so bitter about their divorce, they ranted about it on their license plates:

-Ukrainian women are calling for a sex strike against Russian men:

-Atlanta man claimed he was too 'good looking' to be guilty of raping a woman

-Naked man on tricycle busted for cocaine

-Lovemaking technique bill would forbid divorcing parents in Massachusetts from having sex in home:

-Uterus man is the superhero inside us all (well, inside some of us):

-Why even happily married couples have affairs:

-Rent the Hook-up Truck for a private mobile sex experience:

-Prisoner gets fork lodged in his penis while using it to masturbate

-This tiny penis sculpture promises to give women confidence at the negotiating table:

-These penis-shaped popsicles will explode in your mouth:

-Pickup lines may be cheesy, but they serve an important purpose.

-Contraception as a test of equality:

-Hawaii lawmaker fights against sex ed program:

-Kansas is moving to defund Planned Parenthood and force doctors to report every miscarriage:

-#cockinasock selfies flood Instagram to raise money for testicular and prostate cancer (NSFW):

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