Enter "The Anal Ninja," Jayden Lee

The porn star on squirting etiquette, anal fisting, shaving her ex-boyfriend's asshole, and why she is "The Anal Ninja"


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Jayden Lee wanted to know what I was doing after Exxxotica. She didn't feel like hitting the after-parties. Instead she wanted to take some casual naked photos around Ft. Lauderdale, and she wanted to know if I could shoot her.

While my photography skills are limited to the automatic setting on my DSLR, this didn't stop me from agreeing to accompany Jayden on her nude safari. The external flash I just bought to feed the illusion that I'm a competent photographer was already paying off.

Or, if I didn't feel like going out, Jayden was cool with just getting stoned and taking naked photos in her hotel room with her friend Vicki Chase.

The conversation was starting to seem like one of my grand delusions, and in some ways it was. The plan was contingent on two unlikely events: 1.) Jayden actually texting me after the convention, and 2.) Me setting up a drug deal in an unfamiliar city despite the fact that I had never purchased weed in my life. 

I was disappointed but not surprised when our "shoot" went up in smoke. Perhaps Jayden made the loose plans out of boredom. Maybe she just wanted good press. Or perhaps she was using me for my alleged photography and drug procuring skills. Whatever her motives, I believe she was genuinely open to the possibility of hanging out with a random guy she met at a convention, as later that night I spotted her hanging out with a few non-porn fellows at the hotel bar.

This is why Jayden is so enticing, why she seems so much sexier in person. She knows she is playing the part of a hyper-sexual porn star while simultaneously possessing a relaxed attitude that seems open to most anyone, and anything. Her personality is about as restrained as the skintight dress and missing underwear she wore to the convention.

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Jayden Lee has come a long way from the shy, late-blooming, Catholic schoolgirl from Sacramento. At nineteen she tested the waters of modeling under the guise of taking sexy photos for her husband. Her shyness in her personal life, and in front of the camera, soon dissolved, as did her marriage. After seeing some of Jayden's nude photos, a woman contacted the emerging starlet over Model Mayhem about another type of modeling. Soon Jayden was on a plane to Miami to shoot her first sex scene for Reality Kings.

Porn was originally just a way to make money, but Jayden quickly fell in love with the profession, moving to LA to pursue her career. The adult industry revolutionized her personality and her sex life. Jayden became more confident from all the positive feedback she got from fans, including clips of them masturbating to her videos. Porn also gave her access to STD-free sex partners who helped her realize what she likes in bed, which is often of the rough variety.

Is it true you want to be known as the Asian Anal Tornado?
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No. The Anal Ninja.

Why The Anal Ninja?

Because I’m silent but deadly… Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

Who else are you competing with for that title?

No one. I’m one of a kind.

What other Asian actresses do you get paired with most often?

I just worked with London Keyes. I’ve worked with her three times. I’ve worked with Asa Akira two or three times. Alina Li. She’s new. I just worked with her. I actually don’t shoot with too many Asians, or too many girls in general.

Do you mainly get paired with white or black performers?

I haven’t had the black cock yet, at least on camera. I’m a little intimidated. I haven’t done DP yet either. DP scares me.

How do you expect to retain the title of The Anal Ninja if you don’t do DP?

I’ve had a fist up my ass. My first time doing anal was on camera for “Let's Try Anal.”

What was that experience like?

It felt like taking a shit in reverse. TMI, but just to prepare you in case you ever get a cock in your ass.

Taking a shit in reverse in a good way?
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It takes time getting used to. When I got my Hitachi, everything changed. An ex-boyfriend once found me asleep with my Hitachi between my legs. It’s always attached under my pillow. Whenever I get home from traveling he's there waiting for me. He's like my boyfriend.

Does he have a name, like Mr. Roboto?

Hmm. Cornelius Roboto. Corny for short.

Why do so many Asian porn stars go to Catholic school growing up?

I was born Catholic. I don’t know. I’m not so religious. I guess I’m a bad girl.

Was your uniform at all similar to the porn version of a school girl outfit?

I didn’t do pigtails. I wore the skirt and the white, button-down blouse. We didn’t have to wear stockings. I would have to go to church. I had my first sip of wine at church. My parents were strict, so I went crazy.

The first thing you did in the adult world was to shoot some semi-nude photos for your then husband—

Well, that was my way of getting into modeling with him being okay with it. I showed him the pictures and said, “They paid me $100 dollars.” I was so nervous to even do implied topless. I was only doing bikini lingerie. Then the pictures were posted on a website and things went from there. Eventually, I went full nude but no spreads. I would have them erase my birthmark because I was so insecure.

The one on your butt?

It’s funny. Some people think it’s a tattoo. I don’t think I would get a black circle tattooed on my ass.

You could incorporate it into a tattoo.

I have a chocolate chip cookie tattoo.
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What? Why?

I got it with an ex-boyfriend. He has a glass of milk. I need it covered up.

Is it true you can orgasm from a guy kissing or licking your ears?

Oh yeah, when a guy breathes in my ear and it tickles to the point of being overwhelming, and I’m held down so I can’t move, it feels good. As long as you don’t have stinky breath. No garlic.

Is it true that you only swallow with guys you consider worthy?

Every guy wants the girl to swallow. But first of all, not every guy’s cum tastes good. Second of all, you have to work your way up. I’m not going to give it all to you, or else you won’t want to see me again. You have to work for it.

I thought you’re the one who wants to leave right after sex and go back to your own bed?

I don’t fuck in my bed. It’s my bed. After sharing a room then moving into my own room, I don’t want to share anymore. I don’t see myself moving in with a boyfriend. I would have to be with him for four or five years maybe.

You just turned 22 on April 5 (1993). What did you do for your birthday?

I had a feature show in Pittsburg. I creampied someone on stage.

How? Like you smashed a creampie into his face?

It was a bachelor. I brought him up, handcuffed him and blindfolded him. Then I deep-throated a banana with whipped cream and everything. I had everyone start clapping. Then I covered by boobs in whipped cream, took off his blindfold, and rubbed it all in his face. 

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Do you have anything else coming up?

I’m searching for a hobby.

I thought your hobbies were sleeping in and smoking weed?

I love lying in bed and weed. I bought a sewing machine. I have a pink drill that I bought at Wal-Mart. I bought a hammer. I’ve been tagging stuff on Pinterest. I’ve been building things and painting.

What are you building?

I’ve been trying to find space in my room because I have so much feature dancing stuff and so many shoes. And my roommate is an Indian giver. When I moved in, I had all of this furniture but she keeps taking it back little by little. I have to rearrange my whole room and find space for everything. So I’ve been hammering things. I know how to change a doorknob.

What else do you want to talk about: Your love of dimples on a guy’s lower back when he's fucking a girl, nipples, being choked, kinky sex?

When I went to Maui a while ago with an ex, I shaved his asshole with a razor. I had him bend over in the shower. I did good. I didn’t cut him, but he should have trimmed maybe. That was the only way I would lick his asshole.

Why wouldn’t he shave it himself?

Because he was scared. I shave without looking and I use a men’s razor.

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What’s the best razor for shaving your asshole?

Gillette Fusion, but they’re expensive.

Thoughts on squirting?

One thing that pisses me off is when I do a scene with another girl and she doesn't empty her tank before hand and drink a lot of water. I did a scene and the girl said, “Oh I can squirt.” Luckily I moved my face at the last moment because it was pee.

You used your Anal Ninja skills to avoid her pee?

She was fucking him and my face was there. It got on my face a little. It was a mess.

So that’s your public service announcement to porn stars, "If you're going to do a squirting scene, pee before hand and drink lots of water?"

And for your cum to taste good eat pineapple. Also I have a sweet tooth, so if you buy me sweets, you will make me happy. No dark chocolate.

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