Florida Democrats get in GOP's face regarding lack of education funding



As meeting with the heads of the new Legislative committees taking place this week in Tallahassee, Florida Democrats have released what they're calling a Pop Education Quiz — five questions for members of the Legislature on what they say has been the GOP's "failed policies." Policies that they say have prioritized tax giveaways to corporate special interests instead of funding the public schools and higher education.

In a press release, the Florida Democratic Party say that today, local students will deliver the quiz to both Republican and Democratic members of the Legislature who serve on Education committees.

The first question on the quiz:

1. How many consecutive years has the GOP cut funding for public schools?

a. 3.

b. 5.

c. 1.

2. How much did the GOP slash from higher education during the last session, causing tuition to spike for students?

a. $300 million.

b. $100 million.

c. $200 million.

3. Which of the following newspaper headlines are real?

a. Tampa Bay Times: "Legislature's Reckless, Pork-Barrel Budget."

b. Naples Daily News: "Bright Futures scholarship cuts squeezing college students as tuition increases."

c. Orlando Sentinel: "State incentives for lower-wage jobs? Bad idea"

d. All of the above

4. The GOP gave $55 million to out of state corporations who want to profit off our children's education for school construction and maintenance. How much did traditional public schools receive for construction and maintenance last year?

a. $55 million.

b. $0.

c. $100 million.

5. How can the Legislature show it's serious about improving Florida's education system?

a. Restore the $300 million cut from Universities and colleges.

b. Match tax dollar giveaways to corporate special interests with dollars for schools.

c. Increase funding for Bright Futures Scholarships.

d. All of the above.

The answers can be accessed here.

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