Mitch Perry Report 12.13.12 - Charlie Crist becomes a Democrat. Again.



The return of Charlie Crist to thepolitical scene has been a godsend to reporters who cover politics for a living in Florida. The former Governor was omnipresent during the presidential campaign in the Sunshine State as the frequent warm-up act for Barack Obama. He then joined with St. Petersburg Representative Darryl Rouson after the election to call for electoral reforms in Tallahassee.

It was at that same news conference at Gaslight Park in Tampa that Crist told reporters that he would lay low until after the holidays, when he would then declare his future intentions, which most people assumed would be converting to a Democrat and running for governor again.

But then came the news last Friday night via a Twitter message that Crist had announced at a White House Christmas Party that he had gone ahead and changed his party registration, and now was a full-on member of the Democratic Party.

But apparently that was all symbolic, and this morning in St. Pete, Charlie will go through the process at the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections Office, this time making it official. Because why not use the press to build up more coverage for his presumptive run for the Democratic nomination?

Alex Sink knows this. The 2010 Democratic nominee for governor held a conference call yesterday for statewide reporters, where she shared her thoughts on the negotiations in Washington regarding the fiscal cliff situation.

Florida chose its latest Education Commission yesterday. He's Tony Bennett, and he left his heart with Jeb Bush, apparently, when it comes to his philosophy regarding accountability and teaching to the test. It should be noted that his policies were not exactly embraced in Indiana, as he lost his bid for re-election in the same state that easily went for Mitt Romney.

And CL went to the Hillsborough County Republican Executive Committee's December meeting on Tuesday night, where there was considerable talk that the local GOP must do things differently moving forward, licking their wounds after the county went again for Barack Obama in November - by six percentage points.

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