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How the culture of sex and love will change in 2013 and beyond.

Posted by Shawn Alff on Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 8:00 AM

Jane Fonda in Barbarella
  • Jane Fonda in Barbarella
At its core, sex has remained unchanged throughout human history. What has shifted is everything around sex: our mating strategies, how we satisfy our sexual urges outside of sex, what role sex plays in our society... With that in mind, here's a preview of some of the ways the culture of sex and love will shift in 2013 and beyond.

Webcaming: Webcaming will be the new sexting, offering a relatively safe environment to explore your sexuality, at least until someone other than your intended audience stumbles on your homemade solo-show. Also, because the personal experience cannot be pirated, webcaming will become a cornerstone of adult entertainment. The technology is even being utilized by strip clubs. Using their club as the launch site, the owners of Tampa's 2001 Odyssey are creating a syndicate of web-friendly adult clubs at StripClubsOnline.com, featuring live video feeds from main stages, dressing rooms, and champagne rooms.

Dating Apps: More dating sites will create apps to capitalize on the rise of smartphone culture. Companies like CupidRadar allow users to flirt with potential matches within a certain radius of their current location, with the goal of facilitating insta-dates. Apps will run instant background checks on the marital status, criminal history, and income level of new acquaintances. Business travelers will use apps that allow them to see live feeds from webcams planted in their homes to catch unfaithful partners.

Infidelity Algorithms: Not only do web technologies make it easier to cheat and easier to get caught, they make it easier for companies to profit off infidelity. The same data collection methods used to create a consumer's profile based on Internet activity will be used to track a partner's fidelity.

Sex Robots Gone Wild: Since men have dreamed of creating robots, we've dreamed of having sex with these machines — at least the sexy ones. Robotic technology will continue to merge with sex dolls. This blend of rubber flesh and computer chips will be a slow evolution, beginning with such simple innovations as outfitting a doll with Bluetooth so phone sex operators can use these surrogate dolls as mouth pieces. As these dolls become more advanced, look for more men to collect them, more entrepreneurs to rent them out, and more sensational news stories to appear about sex robots gone wild.

Sex on TV: The popularity of web-videos like "2 Girls, 1 Cup," made it easier for premium cable channels to boost their soft-core content without anyone taking offense. More and more mainstream shows will move closer to hardcore porn. In turn, the larger porn studios will attempt to cash in on this same audience by creating mainstream pornos that are greater than the sum of their sex scenes.

iPregnancy: Science will continue to play a larger role in fathering children. Male birth control will be a thing. Artificial insemination will become cheaper and more widespread. At-home tests that determine the sex of a fetus will lead to an increase in sex-selective abortions. This will just be the first issue in a budding debate on the ethics of selecting a child's genes. However, for all the advances in controlling human reproduction, natural pregnancies will continue to occur at rates that are inversely proportional to a population's average education level.

Mainstream Deviance: The ongoing fight for LGBT equality and the connectivity of the Internet has opened the door for other "sexual outlaws" to come out, including polygamists, polyamorous groups, swingers, sugar daddies, and fetishists. As more of these lifestyles enter the public arena, the one-man-one-woman marriage paradigm will continue to erode.

A Boost in Male Enhancements: Following the success of impotence medications like Viagra, pharmaceutical companies will continue to exploit the insecurities of men. We will see more ED drugs, male "enhancement" supplements, and products like "Ageless Male," which claim to counteract natural drops in testosterone.

Surgical Cosmetics: More medical procedures, treatments, and at-home devises will arise to help us permanently remove body hair, tighten skin, and melt fat. Living longer is irrelevant if we can not look younger doing it.

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