Mitch Perry Report: Argo bleep yourself!

Plus: Colin Powell on MTP, Biden's gun report and more.



Argo, the Ben Affleck-directed film about the six Americans held in the Canadian Embassy during the Iran hostage crisis, was the surprise winner for Best Movie Drama last night at the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood. Affleck also took Best Directing honors.

Argo is quite entertaining, but it was somewhat shocking to learn how many items in the film were exaggerated or simply added for entertainment value, taking away some of the pleasure of viewing it for this viewer.

Tougher critics are the government of Iran, who say they'll produce their own version of what happened back in 1980.

I saw Zero Dark Thirty on Saturday, a serious Oscar contender that includes some scenes of torture that have resulted in a far larger storm of criticism, questioning whether torture actually did or did not help lead us to the capture of Osama bin Laden. I'll have a post up on my take on the film and the controversy later today..

Did you get a chance to see Colin Powell on Meet The Press yesterday? The former Secretary of State, who considers himself a moderate Republican, says his party needs to examine itself seriously, especially when it comes to the inflammatory rhetoric of some of their representatives.

One of the issues that Washington D.C. Republicans (some of them, anyway) want to tackle is comprehensive immigration reform. On Friday, Tampa area Democratic Congresswoman Kathy Castor said she will be an aggressive advocate of enacting such policies this year.

And Vice President Joe Biden will turn in a set of recommendations to President Obama for limiting aspects of current gun laws. NRA officials said yesterday flat out that they don't intend to work with the administration on any of those recommendations.

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