Two Big Mouths The Big Finale




Hello Mouthy friends. We are back live this week. Gasparilla week here in the Tampa bay area by the way. On the big show this week. First it was one side of the bay trying to dupe residents into funding a light rail system, now it's the other side trying to do the same. In one country in Europe, you will soon be able to drive drunk LEGALLY! And don't say it's 12 inches unless it's 12 inches. New music from across the pond with Chap-Hop artist Mr. B the Gentlemen Rhymer. We're talking all about the Super Bowl on the Really Random Report. Angry Allen is reviewing an Oscar nominee this week. The Silver Linings Playbook. Beyonce rifled off a rendition of the National Anthem at President Obama's inauguration that would make Milli Vanilli proud. Lee Ann's got no lazy libido. And it's time for another Octomom pun. It will be Nadia Suleman sans shirt at one topless club guessed it....Florida. How about that? Take a listen and enjoy.


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