The Well-Played List, 10-23-2013: Debbie Harry, casimer&casimir, Roky Erickson, Restorations & more

Music we're jamming this week; audio, video & Spotify playlist included.



The ongoing listening series formerly known as MusicMonday continues in its re-imagined form. The Well-Played List features the most listened-to, jammed-out songs, albums and artists of the week as submitted by the CL Music Team along with a rotating crew of tastemakers — local music promoters, record store and venue owners, music fans and scenesters, DJs, musicians, and a radio personality or two; check last week’s here. Audio and video included, along with any applicable show information. And on that note, what are you jamming this week? Tell us in the comments…

Tim Kasher, Adult Film (2013) Tim Kasher is the frontman of Nebraska indie rock band Cursive that's never really interested me too much; nor, before this album, had I ever given Kasher's solo material more than a surface listen, pretty much enough to write about him the last time he came to town. His sophomore full-length grabbed me via first single "Truly Freaking Out" with its rubbery bouncing synthline (or is it an effected bassline?) and lyrics about the end of a relationship. And the lyrics are smart, too: "I was six years old, learning how to swim and I was 36, wondering how I sunk, it's as if the record jumped";"And I know, I know, I know the end is near, and I know I know it's all down hill from here / we're all cascading to our graves, tugging back at gravity's reins." There's something very earnest about it at times, yet it's somehow also charming and lighthearted, and the out-side-of-box alt rock/post-folk mix of pianos, fuzz, female guest vocals, and Kasher's own sweetly youthful tone come together quite nicely. Kasher hits Crowbar on Fri., Nov. 1...

Jinx, The Gem in I (self-release, 2013) Jinx is a local emcee with a rhythmic silky flowing rhyme style, and production that is vintage soulful and funky. He's one of those guys who does the hip hop scene proud; you see his name on bills all over town, and his 15-track album features guest singers, emcees and instrumentalists he collabs and performs with frequently, including Gwan Massive and Dynasty. Jinx performs the majority of the album at a CD release show that also occurs this Fri., Oct. 25, at New World. Full review of the album forthcoming...

casimer&casimir, "O Sweet Joe Pye" (2013) I came upon this duo completely at random, on Soundcloud; this song in particular popped up automatically after something else I'd been listening to and it completely won my heart within the first 30 seconds. It's so goddamn delightful, in fact, I don't even remember what it was I was listening to originally. Chicago-via-Detroit's casimer&casimir puts out music they've cheekily dubbed "uncle and nephew pop" - because they are an uncle (Casimer Pascal) and a nephew (Vincent Casimir) who make upbeat indie pop music that can get psychedelic in the vein of early MGMT and of Montreal (check out "Anne Cherchait l'Amour"), and, when paired with their high-toned darling vocals, makes me super excited about hearing their full-length, due out next week. "O Sweet Joe Pye" after the jump along with the rest of this week's entries...

Debbie Harry, KooKoo (1981) Blondie was red-hot in 1981. Following up some of their biggest hit singles and crossing over into mainstream sales charts, lead temptress Debbie Harry and her band were household names all around the globe. For Harry's first attempt at a solo album while on hiatus from Blondie, she enlisted the masterful duo Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers (of disco/funk group Chic) to produce her record and co-write some tunes for it. The record was originally received with an overall lukewarm response. Many record buyers were put off by the slightly disturbing cover artwork (designed by H.R. Giger) depicting Harry with long metal skewers puncturing her face. The album is a mixture of dance music, funk and pop and, while it sounds a bit dated now, it's most definitely the precursor for the stellar production Rodgers and Edwards would later become better known for via their work with David Bowie, Duran Duran and Robert Palmer. Debbie's voice sounds great on this, the best of her solo recordings.

JESS GROOM | music fan with discerning taste

Polica's new album dropped this week. There are at least three rotation-worthy songs on the album, but still enjoying the single that dropped back in June the most, "Tiff" featuring Bon Iver's Justin Vernon.

This week, NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts featured London-bred act Daughter. I'm really hoping the band led by singer-songwriter Elena Tonra includes some tour dates in the south on their next visit to the states.

RAY ROA | founder, Suburban Apologist; freelance local music correspondent, CL & TBT.
Whores, Clean EP (Out Oct. 29 via Brutal Panda Records) I haven't exercised in months. While my waistline continues its outward push, I've been substituting music for workouts. Not healthy at all, but this new one from Whores (yes, I know one of the most offensive names out) might just get me off my ass. At a mere six tracks, my cardiovascular system should be able to survive a jog to this barrage of squealing noise and Christian Lembach's angry vocals. A pair of tracks are streaming at Bandcamp, and Pitchfork Advance has the rest.

ANDY WARRENER | freelance writer, CL & TBT.
Matt Woods - A ramblin' man who sings with soul. Knoxville native Matt Woods brings gospel soul to a dusty road sound with local favorites like "Port St. Lucie" and signature pieces like "Company Town." Recently featured on WMNF's 9Bullets Radio show, Woods' most recent hit "Dead Man's Blues" is available on 7" vinyl.

Stevie Ray Vaughan - I heard "Little Wing" on the radio again the other day and it's been stuck in my head ever since. If you were going to one-stop shop Stevie Ray, The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble is the ticket. It has 33 songs and stretches over a decade of his work.

SARAH GECAN | Daddy Kool Records and No Clubs Entertainment
Dave Van Ronk, Down In Washington Square (2013)
Daddy Kool is really digging the new Dave Van Ronk retrospective. On October 29, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings releases the three-CD collection spanning the career of Van Ronk, aka "mayor of MacDougal Street." Included within the 54 tracks are 16 never-before-released cuts and live recordings dating from as early as 1958, and including tracks from 2001 for his final studio album.

Van Ronk was instrumental in developing New York's Greenwich Village folk scene. His style covered folk, blues, ragtime, jazz, gospel, and more, while his influence extended beyond the stage mentoring young artists including Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Suzanne Vega.

The Coen Brothers’ Inside Llweyn Davis is influenced by Van Ronk's memoirs and hits movie theaters this fall.

Restorations, LP2 (2013)
Pre-Fest is less than a week away. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am. The amount of bands I want to see over that two-day period is a bit absurd. Restorations is certainly at the top of that list. After stumbling upon them via, where they were described as "Philly outfit plays music for 'grown-up punks,'" I was instantly intrigued. Lead singer Jon Loundon's vocals are hearty and scratchy like he'd grown-up shouting songs at concerts for so many years it left a permanent effect. It's beautiful in that rough, lost, being-an-adult-but-still-have-much-to-learn kind of way. If you get a chance, see them at Pre-Fest Tues., Oct. 29, at The Ritz Ybor's side stage.

ANDIE CUNNIFFE | Mojo Books & Records

Roky Erickson, Don't Slander Me (2013) Roky Erikson has been an influential figure for decades; the recently reunited Neutral Milk Hotel is among the many that have cited him as a major inspiration. The musician's rough but cathartic vocal quality and psychedelic garage rock instrumentals play out over a series of re-issues, also including The Evil One and Gremlins Have Pictures. Listen to the title track from Don't Slander Me here. Available on vinyl at Mojo.

Boards of Canada Vinyl Reissues (2013) Speaking of Scottish bands, Boards of Canada is re-issuing Geogaddi, Campfire Headcase and Music Has The Right to Children among others. The band is known for its creative distribution methods. The re-issues come with special stickers of original Boards of Canada artwork as well as download codes. This is the first time Warp Records has reissued any BoC albums in five years. Available on vinyl at Mojo.

Chvrches, The Bones of What You Believe (2013) Chvrches brand of synth pop indirectly operates as an opposite of their fellow Scots Frightened Rabbit. Their catchy hooks and '80s-inspired sound (Whitney Houston cover below) has garnered a lot of support and attention. After getting attention from both the indie and mainstream press for being named one of the most anticipated albums of the year from College Music Journal and charting on Billboard, Chvrches is definitely a band on the rise. Available on vinyl at Mojo.

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