Lust List 2014 Readers’ Pick: Madai Nuñez

Esthetician, massage therapist, 29, engaged.


Who’s at the top of your Lust List?
My fiance Frankie Consoli. He’s the guitarist and singer for Cowboy Mafia and we play in our own band together.

Congrats! When are you getting married?
In April.

How did you two meet?
At the Castle. I used to be one of the go-go dancers there.

Any special plans for your wedding?
We’re getting married in Nashville at the Rhinestone Wedding Chapel. An Elvis impersonator is going to officiate our ceremony, and a Johnny Cash impersonator is playing the reception.

Madai [pronounced Mah-DIE] is an unusual name.
My first name is Hebrew for adorn and decorate.

Wow. That’s perfect, considering you’re a makeup artist. Where do you work?
I’m actually a massage therapist and esthetician at Whole Aveda — and I do makeup there.

Madai, you’re that enviable mix of cute and exotic. What’s your ethnic background?
My mother is Cuban and my father is Spanish. I was born in Hollywood, Calif., and was only 5 when we moved here.

You’ve got a lot of Morrissey photos on your Facebook page.
I love him. His passion for animals first attracted me to him.

Do you have any pets?
I have a cat named C.C.!

For C.C. Deville?
[Laughs] That’s one of her nicknames, but, no, C.C. stands for “classy cat.”

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