Harvard students to hold Satanic "black mass" tonight



First the statue at the Oklahoma State House, and now this: Members of a Harvard student group plan to hold a Satanic black mass tonight at a space on the school's campus, as part of, you know, totally checking out everything the world has to offer.

Posters and fliers announcing the "reenactment" have been showing up all over campus, worrying Christian students, conservative parents and particularly the Archdiocese of Boston — due to the widely accepted notion that mocking Catholics and blaspheming the traditional elements of a regular mass are an important part of any official Satanic service.

For its part, the university itself isn't taking sides on the matter; Harvard officials basically said, "hey, the kids are gonna do what the kids are gonna do," and reminded everyone that while they don't endorse any particular theology, they have no control over independent student organizations, and support the students' right to assemble and speak freely. This didn't sit well with the Archdiocese, which has resorted to sending letter and press releases full of the sort of expressions your mom uses when she says she's very disappointed in you.

The Archdiocese has also organized an equal and opposing event near where the black mass is taking place, calling it "an hour of Adoration and Benediction in reparation for offenses against the Holy Eucharist." So, you know, basically the two sides of the Force squaring off in a psychic battle for the souls of a nation.

(via Gawker)

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