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We all know somebody (hint: it's probably a parent) who's always asking for help doing things on their Android phone, or just complaining that there are too many options. These folks just want to make a call, or take a picture, or send a text without having to swipe through multiple screens and options to do it — and, oddly enough, they never want you to take the time to customize their Android phone for 'em to put that stuff up front and center, because "it will only confuse me more."

Enter Wiser, a launcher app for Android that acts as a home screen replacement and vastly simplifies Android's interface.

For the uninitiated, launcher apps are basically skins that customize your Android phone by replacing the standard home screens and options, giving it the look of an entirely different system to let you optimize your phone for your habits without actually messing with the operating system itself. Wiser is an extremely scaled-back version, which essentially just offers a very simple interface.

Wiser puts the tasks most non-power users want right up front in six big, easily discernible buttons: Contacts, Dialer, Messaging, Camera, Gallery and Applications. It makes accessing these tasks extremely easy, without scrolling, searching or hunting through a forest of icons to find the one you're looking for. It's also extremely resource-light, so it won't slow down the phone's core processes.

If you've got a friend or family member prone to bitching about being overwhelmed by their Android phone's options, grab their phone and take two minutes to go to the Android Play Store and download and install Wiser — they (and your patience) will thank you.

(via lifehacker)


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