Live and Local Spotlight: Paranoia Dance Party! Reunion & Madison Turner Farewell

Turner bids a fond farewell with her old band, and some friends, too.


Madison Turner performing with Ink & Sweat this past March. - NICOLE KIBERT
  • Nicole Kibert
  • Madison Turner performing with Ink & Sweat this past March.
This Friday, longtime local singer, songwriter and overall scene champion Madison Turner – who’s been kicking around the Bay area since her early days in Scantly Prepared and The Game Show – bids a fond farewell to her comrades and throws a rather impressive blow-out for the occasion. “The show is May 30 and I’m leaving on June 4, so this is literally the last time I’m going to see a lot of these people,” she told me in a recent interview.

Turner, a transgender woman, is headed to Oregon, drawn by a job opportunity for her partner Lennox and the state's trans-inclusive healthcare offerings, which aren't available here in Florida. The bill of talent she put together to play her for the farewell show “are friends or bands that I’ve played with in the past.” Among them are punky prog-ska outfit Corporate Fandango, from Greensboro, N.C.; local Best of the Bay award-winning punk rock staple Ink & Sweat; and the debut of a new crusty screamo-emo band, My Lai, featuring members of Landbridge, Recreant and Ink & Sweat.

Turner performs a solo set of cuts off her poignant, acoustic guitar-driven folk-punk debut, Life, as backed by Alfie and Leo (on bass and drums, respectively). But most exciting is the reunion of her old and most renowned band, the genre-defying high-powered Paranoia Dance Party!, their distinctively unorthodox sound mixing hardcore, punk and metal influences with horn-drenched ska, seething industrial music and funky synth-vibing disco.

Paranoia Dance Party! amicably dissolved about three years ago after issuing two albums, debut EP Help!Help!Help!Help! in 2009 and 2011 full-length Surroundings. The idea for a reunion came about after Turner had already booked all of the bands. “I just kind of realized, there’d be no way this could happen once I leave, so it seemed like the most opportune time to do it.” They’ll perform cuts off both recordings and likely turn the party into a full-scale rager.

Though she’s leaving, Turner will definitely miss the scene and what she calls “such a special, welcoming community. Especially the part I’m involved with; everyone’s so amazing and accepting, and so many excellent bands are promoting socially conscious values. It’s that ‘in it together’ mentality that I’ll miss.”

Show details: Paranoia Dance Party! Reunion Show and Madison Turner Farewell with Corporate Fandango, Ink & Sweat, I'm An Intestine, My Lai, Black House, Fri., May 30, 6 p.m., Epic Problem, Tampa, $6 (all ages). 

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