NRCC says Alex Sink "can't handle the truth," creates own Sink Truth website

Posted by Mitch Perry on Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 10:36 AM

Alex Sink
  • Alex Sink
With the general election campaign for the CD13 seat beginning in earnest next week, Alex Sink prepared for the inevitable GOP onslaught against her on Thursday by creating a website called "The Alex Sink Truth Team," which begins by listing her positions on four key issues — her work as CFO on the state's pension system; whether or not she supports more debt; whether she's in favor of raising taxes; and whether or not she's a partisan Democrat.

Immediately the National Republican Campaign Committee fired back with some tart remarks.

Now they've gone a step beyond, creating their own website which they call "The Real Alex Sink Truth Team."

On the site they address each one of the issues listed on the Sink Truth Team site and surprise, come up with much different conclusions. And for good measure they add a fifth measure — Sink's stance on the Affordable Care Act, which reads:

Obamacare is hurting Florida families. The law cuts $716 billion from Medicare while causing premiums to increase. (Washington Post, 8/14/12;CBS News, 10/30/13)

Even though 300,000 Floridians are losing their current health care coverage, Alex Sink continues to support Obamacare. (, 11/25/13; CBS News, 10/30/13)

Alex Sink wants to go to Congress so she can stand with Nancy Pelosi and protect Obamacare.

As we wrote yesterday, the contention that 300,000 Floridians have lost their health coverage was disputed by PolitiFact, but obviously is going to be a line that the GOP hammers home regardless.

Sink has been strong in criticizing the botched rollout of the plan, but maintains that the status quo was unacceptable.

In regards to raising the debt, the RNCC's site quotes PolitiFact in writing that as CFO, Sink "did watch the debt increase over her term” by $3.4 billion, and cited a USF professor saying "You can't say that she (Sink) has no responsibility for it (debt)". But that same PolitiFact report concludes that:

Plus, the Legislature, not the Cabinet, has most of the say in bond appropriations. Not to mention there was a nationwide recession that took its toll on the Florida economy, which is out of the hands of state officials. Given all these hefty clarifications, we rate the Florida Republican Party of Florida’s claim Mostly False.

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