Mitch Perry Report 2.11.14: New poll shows support everywhere in U.S. to end Cuban embargo



A new poll from the Atlantic Council published today shows 56 percent of Americans and 63 percent of Floridians support changing U.S. policy toward Cuba. The sentiment is even stronger among Miami-Dade county residents (64 percent), the citadel of anti-Castro sentiments.

Although support is strongest among Democrats, a majority of Republicans (52 percent) also believe in changing the policy. The poll also shows even stronger support across the board for eliminating the travel restrictions that make it prohibitive to get to the island.

The Castro regime's abysmal human rights record is cited as the main factor why the policy shouldn't be changed.

So does this mean anything? Yesterday in Seminole, both Marco Rubio and David Jolly said they're quite content to maintain the current embargo, though Rubio said he respected those who felt differently. Trust me, a new poll isn't going to change his feelings. But consider it just another small step in leading the country to a consensus that the old way isn't working. But does it have to move at such a glacial pace?

As mentioned above, Senator Rubio (who weirdly doesn't get out to the Tampa Bay area much) joined David Jolly at a campaign event yesterday in Pinellas County. Jolly took a shot at the Tampa Bay Times when asked about the perception that he's more conservative than the man he's trying to succeed in Congress, Bill Young.

Everybody in Florida has an opinion about red-light cameras, with most of the energy coming from those who oppose them, like state Senator Jeff Brandes. He seized on some new findings in a report on those cameras in Florida yesterday, saying that they the law allowing them should be repealed. But supporters of the cameras could also find things to boost their side in the study.

Activists who aren't keen about the Greenlight Pinellas initiative are trying to make an issue out of TBARTA's Ronnie Duncan now being part of the political advocacy group, Yes on Greenlight. Duncan says it's not a conflict of interest.

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