Republicans pounce on Alex Sink's comment about the ACA's impact on the economy



Last week's Congressional Budget Office report that indicated that one of the effects of the Affordable Care Act would be a drop in work hours equal to the loss of 2.5 million full-time workers over the next decade set off a political earthquake, with Republicans and Democrats in strong disagreement about what that actually meant.

The report said the change would occur because some workers, particularly those with lower wages, would limit their hours to avoid losing federal subsidies that Obamacare provides to help pay for health insurance and other healthcare costs.

The GOP collectively triumphed the report as more evidence that Obamacare is a disaster, saying the law will reduce full-time employment and hurt the economy unless it is repealed. Democrats, in contrast, said it was actually a good thing, allowing more family time for mothers, more study opportunities for college students and less job stress for older workers.

Because of that divide, you would expect Republicans to make hay out of Sink's comments on this coming Sunday's Political Connections program on Bay News 9, and you'd be correct.

Times political editor and Political Connections co-anchor Adam Smith wrote in a blog post this morning that “Sink, however, says the CBO report is actually good news that points to the “exciting prospect” that Americans will have more choice and greater freedom in their lives."

The conservative leaning American Action Network released a statement just a short while ago.

That Does Fit With Her Record of “Exciting” Fewer Job Opportunities….

During Sink’s Tenure as President Of NationsBank Florida, the Bank Eliminated Thousands of Florida Jobs

· “NationsBank Corp. plans to eliminate more than 6,000 jobs, most of them in Florida, as it merges with newly acquired Barnett Banks Inc., the executive directing the consolidation said Wednesday.” (Barry Flynn, “NationsBank To Cut 6,000 Jobs,” Orlando Sentinel, 1/1/98)

The Job Cuts And The Bank’s Inadequacies In Florida Were “Failures, Ultimately, That Happened On Sink’s Watch.”

· “As NationsBank cut staff and closed branches in Florida, customers complained about poor service. ‘It’s very well known that we had a disaster back then,’ Sink acknowledged last month. Some Florida customers even showed up at NationsBank's 1999 annual meeting in Charlotte to complain, prompting McColl to apologize publicly to shareholders for the bank's inadequacies in Florida. Failures, ultimately, that happened on Sink's watch.” (Robert Trigaux, “BofA Exec Gets Tough Lesson On Loyalty,” St. Petersburg Times, 7/2/00)

Almost A Year After The Merger, Employees At NationsBank Did Not Know Alex Sink Was In Charge Of The Bank

· “It has been almost a year since NationsBank Corp. bought Jacksonville's Barnett Banks Inc., and many employees who survived the merger still complain they do not know who is running the show. Maybe they should ask Alex Sink. She knows who is in charge of the Charlotte, N.C.-based bank's Florida operations. She is.” (Jane Bennett, “Alex Sink Leading The Charge From Jacksonville,” Jacksonville Business Journal, 12/14/98)

Incidentally, PolitiFact has rated the claim about job losses in the ACA as mostly false.

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