Mitch Perry Report 3.7.14: Beware the onset of bad moods this coming Monday


Well, here comes the weekend, which will be a special one, what with the Gasparilla Music Festival returning to downtown Tampa for the third consecutive year. With such excitement approaching, why in the hell would any sane, sentient human be thinking of Monday morning?

Because I can't help it. You remember the Boomtown Rats classic, "I don't like Mondays"? Well, I don't like this next one. 

That's because daylight savings time kicks in — already. Look, this is something we contend with each year. No big deal. Okay, as a guy who works out by running around in sometime very dark Tampa streets at 6 a.m every day, I'm all for the sun coming up earlier, not later. But that's not what fuels my fury.

No, my complaint is that the 2005 Energy Policy Act increased the duration of daylight savings — up a full four weeks, adding a week in the fall and moving it up three weeks in March.

The policy went into effect in 2007. Before then, daylight savings used to take place on the last weekend of March. Now it’s this weekend. What does that mean? Well, not much on Sunday, unless you’ve got an early tee time or are trying to make it to church for an early service. No, it’s on Monday when the full effects of the time change hit all Americans at once (well, except in those places like Indiana and Hawaii and Arizona that don’t change). Early Monday morning, an hour earlier than you’ve had to be at work in a long time. Actually a year.

Again, this rant isn’t against daylight savings per se – it’s Congress’ meddling to make it better, presumably. Studies show it’s a wash when it comes to how much energy is allegedly saved. And some people even think it leads to more heart attacks! 

So is it too much to  ask the winner of the CD13 race next week to be the member of Congress who works on both sides of the aisle to get that 2005 bill repealed? Can't I ask for that? 

No, I can't. Oh well.

On to the news. Hey, we've got a couple of stories in the new issue regarding the CD13 race. Here's our narrative on the Jolly-Sink contest, and a separate Q&A with Lucas Overby.

The Florida Supreme Court ruled yesterday that if you're undocumented, you can't become an attorney in the Sunshine State.

Nobody can say Victor Crist isn't looking out for unintended consequences. The Hillsborough County Commissioner yesterday brought up the issue of how to deal with medical marijuana customers at Tampa International Airport. With the airport about to spend a billion dollars on upgrading its 42-year-old self, the commission wants to ensure that the master plan doesn't have to be adjusted to accommodate such consumers.

And Dunedin's former mayor, Bob Hackworth, is thinking about another stab at his old gig...

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