St. Pete Polls survey now has Greenlight Pinellas leading in popularity


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A new polpublished shows that Greenlight Pinellas, the one-cent transit tax measure on the November ballot in Pinellas County, leads 48-45 percent, a dramatic turnaround from a poll conducted by the same polling firm two months ago. Seven percent said they were uncertain.

The survey was produced by St. Pete Polls and commissioned by St. blogger Peter Schorsch. It's obviously good news for those advocating for the initiative, which would dramatically expand bus service in Pinellas and begin construction of a 24-mile light-rail network running from downtown St. Pete to Clearwater Beach. 

The poll falls mostly along party lines, with 61 percent of Democrats supporting the measure and 30 percent opposing. Among Republicans, 60 percent are opposed, with 34 percent in support.

Other polls have shown the measure leading, but St. Pete Polls had a far different result back in April, when their poll showed only 23 percent supported the measure, and 48 percent opposed. At that time Joe Farrell, the campaign manager for the Yes on Greenlight, dismissed those numbers, saying internal polling showed a far different result.

St. Pete Pollster Matt Florell tells CL "the Undecideds all seem to be moving towards the YES side, compared to previous polls. My guess is that the massive outreach and marketing that PSTA and the advocacy groups are doing is having an impact." Florell says he realized that public opinion moved on the measure last month based on how the questions are asked. He also notes that this is the first poll St. Pete Poll has done where the've asked the question more along the lines of the ballot language.


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