New poll shows Floridians not really into Rick Scott OR Charlie Crist

Posted by Mitch Perry on Tue, Jun 10, 2014 at 11:43 AM

If you're with Charlie Crist's brain trust this morning, the question that has to be asked is: How long can we stay off the airwaves? That's because a new Public Policy Survey of nearly 600 Floridians shows that Rick Scott and Charlie Crist are now tied at 42 percent.

Only 39 percent of voters think Scott's doing a good job to 48 percent who disapprove, though that's up from 33/55 in late September.

Charlie Crist is upside down with independents, with only 24 percent showing him the love, and 49 percent disapproving.

Although Republicans have hammered Crist for close to a year on the web and with press releases to reporters, that never moved the meter. But television ads broadcast throughout the state appear to be doing the trick in both humanizing Scott (maybe a little bit?) and, more importantly, attacking Crist.

Like earlier polls, Republican incumbent Attorney General Pam Bondi still leads Democrats George Sheldon and Perry Thurston - 38-35 over Sheldon and 40-33 percent over Thurston.

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and this is news?
same goes every politician in office

Posted by pltctytc on 06/12/2014 at 1:29 AM
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